Resisting Resistance

I promised myself I would start a blog to document each day since the conclusion of my 27th year of teaching.  Although 27 doesn’t have a special ring, this 27th year marks the most important year of my teaching.  It is this 2015-16 school year that I proposed, or should I say, I introduced Grandma Zim to my students.  In living through this special persona, I found I was living closer to my true Self and further from my unhealthy ego.  I cherish the relationships with my students and the feeling of rising each morning and looking forward to each and every class throughout the day.  There are too many precious moments to remember and much too tiring to record, so instead I sit daily with the feelings I treasure.  Today is my first official day of summer vacation and I am already looking forward to the start of fall.  But before I get there, I admit, today has been wonderful.  I casually slipped out of bed and after a quick stop in the kitchen to press some grounds, I headed straight for my veranda and glided in my chair the remainder of the morning into late afternoon watching birds, sipping coffee and noting the changing temperatures as the rain blew in.  I love recognizing a tweet and a chirp or watching a morning dove sit silently on a shaded branch to catch a snooze in the morning breeze.  Time flew by quickly today just like my backyard birdies.  I didn’t get my bike ride in like I thought I would and I had to fight past my urge to skip cooking the catfish recipe that I have been putting off for days.  As I cleaned the kitchen and noted the darkening sky I was reminded of the promise I made to start my blog.  So here it is.  Unfinished, not even close to my expectations and yet I am letting go of my perfection and putting it out here tonight so I can honor my spirit instead of my ego.  I am excited to start my blogging journey and I look forward to breaking through many more resisting moments that keep me from creating and following my creative Self. Sweet Dreams for now…or better yet, hopefully dreams to remember.

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