How does one recognize their authenticity? Brené Brown’s research and research by Carl Jung, points toward vulnerability, courage, and boundaries. It is important to me to live my life authentically and I wonder how much I FULLY live authentically day-to-day. So often I am weighted with decisions to move with the approval of the pack and in doing so I disregard what my intuition tells me is right for ME. As I stretch my boundaries and open myself to becoming fully aware of my thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, I am more in tune with my intuition, and I expand in my wholeness. My challenge is to remain mindful of my intentions and to continue monitoring my process. This is difficult because at times, I fear looking weak and fear my imperfection. When I look back on my year of teaching and in my own personal journey, I witnessed my courage of replacing actions guided in fear & shame with actions filled with truth & vulnerability. In choosing to act more vulnerable, I have learned to act in and construct a safer environment for me and my students where WE trust more in the process to take risks, WE trust more in the creative process to mine more innovatively, and in the end, WE trust more to learn about our true selves and each other. By acting in and honoring our authenticity we stop punishing each other for showing up as our WHOLE selves.

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