Doors Are Stories: The Photographic Obsession of Divyakshi Gupta

What is behind your doors?

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Through traveling, Mumbai-based photographer Divyakshi Gupta discovers other places and cultures, but also reconnects with the lost bits and pieces of herself. “There is immense learning in travel,” says Divyakshi. “An exchange of cultures, stories, experiences, and emotions that resurfaces a deep, underlying truth: we are all the same, yet so different.”

At The Quirky Wanderer, Divyakshi blogs about her wanderings, mostly in the hidden nooks and corners of India. She is attracted to everything — streets to textures to colors — but is especially intrigued by doors. “Doors are more than mere photographic subjects or pretty frames,” she says. “They are stories.”

Can you tell us about your obsession with doors?

Divsi Gupta Divyakshi Gupta

I often think doors are veils to homes. Each have a distinct character, speaking volumes of the people living behind the door. It’s fun to guess what could possibly be behind a door — an array of secrets, emotions, and mysteries. A…

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