Mud Dauber


In solitude you navigate

Reflections in mud

Scurrying ever feverishly

Constructing small nests

Seeking, scouting, looking for prey

Paralyzing stings

Through flight you carry them as fare

So future will feed

Opening, closing, daubing more

Deposit more prey

Sealing secrets, storing your own

Mud thickens, piles grows

All alone you depart from home

Leaving behind seed

No strength of moral conviction

But plans to repeat

Were you mishandled or once pressed

Taken from flitting

Darkly Contained in tightening fists

Viewed again as threat

Why do you evoke such terror

Working on your Whole

So unlikely are you to sting

Even when provoked

No, not the larva you nourish

It is you I see

That needs a lot more protecting

From collective creed

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