Mindfully Move Slowly


Yesterday while hiking through the Tusten Mountain Trail, I came upon this snail, glommed snuggly against this old rotting log, attempting to heal the crack in its shell. Its healing mantel and vulnerable inner membrane caught my eye and I paused to examine it and my own vulnerability more closely.

Believing the snail crossed my path with a message, I looked inward to see what I needed to examine in myself. I first looked at its protective shell and took note of how it keeps itself protected at all times but also explores and examines its trail as its protective home moves with it. I associated this mobility and protection with my own adaptability and eagerness to look closely at the small details and textures that are along my path, while remaining cautious as not to leave myself too vulnerable. I also recognized my need to slow down and to look past my patterns of multi-tasking and hurrying to accomplish or move away from extreme discomfort. I think about the snail’s spiral and whether starting inward and stretching outward, which I am familiar with as a strong introvert, or starting outward and stretching inward, which is even a deeper stretch for me, are similar somehow to the phases of the moon. Having traveled under the light of the recent strawberry moon, the analogies with opening to awareness of time and change speak very loudly to me. How does the timing of this moon and the snail sighting charge me to go forth? I have been sitting with this charge for a while now and have accepted to the following:

With my full energy I choose to move more slowly and to remain present and mindful of what is before me in this moment. I choose to honor my healthy and protective intuition while keeping in balance, my vulnerabilities that hold me accountable for my own actions and decisions. I choose to look at my inconsistencies and examine my feelings of weakness and defenselessness in order to bring about positive growth and change. I choose to practice patience while on my journey and when the surge to scurry and flee rise up in me, I choose to practice restraint and endure difficulties with composure, void of agitation.   I choose to stay as connected as possible and embrace every situation as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. In doing so, I also choose to honor my honor my strengths and all that I know about myself and in doing so, protect myself when I do not feel safe. This security will not excuse me from feeling uncomfortable or stretched when in challenging situations, but honors my shell and its important purpose in my life.

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