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Mud Dauber

In solitude you navigate Reflections in mud Scurrying ever feverishly Constructing small nests Seeking, scouting, looking for prey Paralyzing stings Through flight you carry them as fare So future will feed Opening, closing, daubing more Deposit more prey Sealing secrets, storing your own Mud thickens, piles grows All […]


How does one recognize their authenticity? Brené Brown’s research and research by Carl Jung, points toward vulnerability, courage, and boundaries. It is important to me to live my life authentically and I wonder how much I FULLY live authentically day-to-day. So often I am weighted with decisions to […]

When Two or More…

Yesterday I was back into teacher mode for most of the day, working with colleagues.  It takes me a while to soak up all the perspectives and ideas before I am ready to share.      I’m not sure if my long processing pauses are sparked more from […]